Brexit reinvigorates the UK’s Tier 1 Investor Visa market

It was reported last year that the number of foreign investors moving to Britain dropped more than 80 per cent during the year to March 2016, as the popularity of the “golden visa” regime was impacted by higher costs, stricter rules and more competition. This year however, reports have surfaced that more foreign investors are looking to the UK’s tier 1 entrepreneur visa with a view to entering the country, and finding out how business will be conducted in post-Brexit Britain.

The collapse in the value of the pound has helped London become a hotspot again for foreign investors in recent months, attracting more investment than anywhere else in Europe. Various reports indicate that London has eclipsed the amount of foreign investment received by some of Europe’s biggest cities, including Berlin and Paris. Immigration experts attribute rising interest in the tier 1 entrepreneur visa to an urgency among business people to ‘gain a foothold’ in the Western European market.