The UK is the destination of choice for High-Net-Worth Indian professionals

The evidence suggests the UK still offers many opportunities for global individuals. With its excellent education system and reputation for rule of law, the UK offers a good long-term bet for those looking to move.

Over 250 Indian investors have used the Tier 1 Investor Visa route in since 2008. China have topped the list accounting for 4,106 visas, closely followed by Russia (2,526) and Hong Kong (692) and the United States (685).

Ultra-high-net-worth Indian applicants who had previously been investing large sums in other destinations like Dubai are now including London in their real estate and business portfolios. After all, London is – and will remain – a bigger financial hub than Dubai and the majority of other cities around the world, and this will not change.

The fact that London is one of the most desirable cities in the world to own property, adds to the attraction for Indians. “The global elite, especially the who’s who of Commonwealth countries own a property in London. They are attracted by the security, lifestyle, cultural delights and low property taxes,” says Reshma Mukhi, owner and founder of Millennium Blue, a property search firm in London.

No surprise that investing in property has become an important route for high-net-worth Indians to invest in the UK. “Culturally Indians love to buy houses, in whichever part of the world they may choose to call home. And the UK is no different with most people tending to concentrate on London and its suburbs when investing in property.” Says Bakhru of Grant Thornton Bharat.

India’s long-standing ‘love affair’ with the UK (and London in particular) goes back to their common history and will not easily be affected due to key factors such as the UK’s overall rule of law and safety that continue to make London attractive to international investors. Moreover, the language, market transparency, a convenient time zone, an established ecosystem of expertise, and the city’s historically proven ability to adapt to sharp global changes and continue to create strong international relationships.

It is fairly safe to assume that we will see more Investors making calculated plays in the UK real estate market and business in the times to come. This is why those that are not worried about Brexit, will see the appeal London and the UK still has to a global market.

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