US China tensions make the UK a good home for Chinese High net worths.

China and the United States have the two largest economies in the world. China have had great successes exporting mobile phone devices and various other technologies and have produced arguably some of the most intelligent people on the planet, while the United States have triumphed in areas such as food and beverage, petroleum products and the film industry. However, although both nations have exceptionally strong credentials, this does open the door to many hurdles in the quest for stability.

Instigated by former President Donald Trump, there has been tension between the two since 2018, according to the Financial Times, when Trump claimed there was unfairness in the previous trade agreements, including intellectual property theft and a lack of market access for American companies in China, prompting a trade war. Although a stable life in the states is possible with a tension fuelled trade war, there are certain elements of the UK that are more attractive to Chinese high net worths (HNWs) during this time, for example housing.