Happily Ever After

The UK has retained a leading position within Europe once again by securing the crown for top financial services investment within Europe. During 2017, UK financial services brought in 78 foreign direct investment projects, overtaking any other country in Europe, with London being in first position for most attractive city, outperforming every city within the continent.

Despite the ongoing challenges surrounding Brexit, Britain remains unfazed and the country continues to be the most attractive market for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Europe. Global financial investors are also seemingly unconcerned and see the UK’s future prospects as positive with more than 65% not changing their investment plans following the Brexit vote, and 75% not planning to move their operations out of the UK. Britain’s attractiveness to foreign investors stems from its rule of law and business-friendly environment when looking to invest and grow a business, and with the UK economy continuing to grow with a boost from the hot weather and world cup, it has shown its stability for future investors.

The robust regulatory and legal systems also play a part, ensuring the safety of investors and families. The unique qualities the UK offer overseas investors, make for a safe haven for their businesses. Many countries within Europe find it hard to replicate the level of safety here, as well as offer a stable social climate and stable political climate. Not only does this benefit a successful business, it is also beneficial for a family. The secure environment will allow for a safe place for children and freedom. Families see the benefits of acquiring an investor visa due to the great levels of safety and high quality of education the UK offers, with strong independent and grammar schools around the country.

Factors such as quality of life, diversity, culture and language play a key role in making the UK a perfect place to relocate. It is seen as a destination overseas investors and possible residents can depend on, and if they relocate here, to call home. And also allow for successful business opportunities for the long run.