The UK will continue to remain a top global influence for international investors.

The department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) revealed that the UK has overtaken the US for the amount of investment per capita. American and Asian investors pumped £3.1bn into UK firms during the period to July, making up 55% of all funding. Eileen Burbidge, Chair of Tech Nation said: “Investment in the UK tech sector has been steadily rising for years and as these latest figures demonstrate, the momentum is increasing.”

So far this year investment from the US and Asia into the UK tech sector totals £3.02 billion compared to £2.38bn for the whole of last year and accounting for 55% of the total. Asia invested £1.48bn into the UK tech sector compared to £0.49bn in the first half of last year. Companies in the UK’s fintech and financial sector are amongst those that attracted the most interest from Asia’s investors.

European investment into UK tech ventures is also at an all time high, Investment from EU countries has notably increased, with the total amount invested, from deals with at least one EU-based investor, standing at £1.53bn in 2018, up from £1.26bn the year before. This is strong evidence that the EU remains confident in the long-term prospects of the UK’s tech sector despite the uncertainties created in the market place by Brexit.

In the foreseeable future, the UK will continue to remain a top global influence for international investors. It will continue to be attractive as a destination for the global elite. Moreover, with the pound continuing to drop ahead of the final Brexit negotiations, there isn’t a better time to secure your Tier 1 Investor Visa to the UK.

The global elite are well represented in the UK. The percentage of them living in the UK is has grown by over 50% (shard capital) in recent years evidence by the numbers of tier 1 investor visa applications issued over the last few years.

Global citizens continue to consider safe havens like the UK – a model for a range of potential scenarios that could play out, including foreign direct investment, liberalisation and regulation, immigration, trade policy and wider geopolitical uncertainty in the future. The UK’s popularity is unlikely to fade soon according to Knight Frank. “Data from our Attitudes Survey indicates that 36 percent of UHNWIs already hold a second passport, up from 34 percent last year, with 26 percent planning to emigrate permanently, up from 21 percent.” Many of those looking to emigrate would choose the U.K. over any other country, the data shows, defying any Brexit or investment worries.

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