British Takeaway

Despite the lack of clarity around Brexit, the UK has retained its position as the top location for high net worth Chinese investors and their families. Investors from China contributed £20 billion into the UK economy in 2017 alone, retaining their own position as the principal Tier 1 investor visa investors.

When relocating their families to the UK, Chinese investors have always found the UK welcoming and an ideal safe haven with a premier education system and robust rule of law.  The UK has also offers a strong cultural appeal and hosts one of the largest Chinese communities in Europe. For business prospects, the UK offers an international platform from which to grow investments and contacts. China and the UK have enjoyed a strong relationship for many years.

The evidence of this is apparent in some of the data for 2017. There was a jump of 56% Chinese applicants acquiring the Tier 1 Investor Visa. This growth has been aided and abetted by the cancellation in the US of their sought after EB-5 programme. The US’ loss has been the UK’s gain.  And as the US and China look likely to intensify their tit-for-tat trade war, Chinese investors have every reason to relocate to the UK and influence a Britain that is forging a new relationship with the rest of the world.

China and the UK have enjoyed a strong relationship for many years. It’s perhaps not surprising that the UK can play an important role in Chinese growth and importantly offer attractive lifestyles for investors seeking an international base from which to house their families and conduct their professional lives.